It’s never been more difficult for young people to select a career path.

Everyone wants a job they won’t hate five or ten years down the road. It’s hard enough to find something you actually enjoy that can also provide a living wage.

Now, we have to consider another factor: will that job be around in a decade?

Artificial intelligence makes life a lot easier in some respects, but life in general is pretty hard without a job.

Spending four years and tens of thousands of dollars on a college education only to find out a robot can do your job is a literal nightmare.

You want to find an AI proof job. Something that you won’t hate and will still be around when the robots take over. (Hey, they’ll still need us humans to help with some stuff, too!)

Top 12 AI proof jobs

Almost all industries will incorporate AI in some fashion, but this doesn’t mean they’ll entirely remove jobs. The most AI proof jobs require problem solving skills, creativity, and interpersonal skills.

Is your job on the list?

  1. Chef

The job of a chef requires a specific combination of creativity and physical application. Sure, a robot can flip burgers or unload a fryer, but they can’t design dishes and cook meals.

  1. Marketing, communications

Marketing requires interpersonal skills and new ideas – two things AI can’t pull-off yet.

  1. Registered nurse

Machines can only solve problems they’ve been acquainted with or trained to resolve. This career demands strong conflict resolution skills.

  1. Data science

AI is good when it comes to data, but a real human still needs to design algorithms and code.

  1. Cyber security

Robots can be trained to analyze and target threats, but they aren’t fool proof. Cyber security is a high-demand, AI proof job.

  1. Human resources

As the name implies, HR requires communication and emotional awareness to accomplish the job properly. Robots can process and report information, but they can’t add a personal touch like humans can.

  1. Delivery drivers

Yes, drone delivery is coming, but lots and lots of people are shopping online. This means there’s a huge demand for delivery drivers and this probably won’t be changing any time soon.

  1. Physical therapist

Physical therapists need to analyze a person’s condition and develop a customized therapy plan. A robot might be able to do the first part, but they couldn’t adapt or provide patients with a hands-on approach.

  1. Teacher

The job of a teacher requires interpersonal skills, problem solving, and a whole lot of patience. This is probably one of the most AI proof jobs around.

  1. Attorney

There’s lots of talk about AI taking over the law industry but the truth is, this job is pretty secure. AI just doesn’t have the communication ability yet. Plus, lawyers need to be licensed. How could you hold a robot accountable in a court of law?

  1. Hair stylist

Forget that Jetsons intro, AI and robots aren’t going to be taking over the cosmetology industry any time soon. This industry requires creativity and experience – two things that aren’t strong suits of robots.

  1. Handy person

Robots can be programmed to complete certain tasks, but they don’t make very good maintenance workers because they lack problem solving skills. Considering that many millennials are clueless when it comes to handy work, this industry has a pretty good job outlook.

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