We are excited to present a Lumosity review to introduce you to this exciting resource for people who want to improve their cognitive skills.

What is Lumosity?

What is Lumosity

Your brain can benefit from exercise just like your body can.

Lumosity is a gaming platform designed to exercise your brain and improve your cognitive skills.

According a study commissioned by Lumosity, people who played Lumosity for 10 weeks improved their cognitive function more than a placebo group who played online crossword puzzles.

Lumosity games can be played on the website itself, or with the online apps available for Android and Apple.

What Cognitive Skills Does Lumosity Work On?

Lumosity games work on these five areas for the purposes of cognitive training:

1. Speed

Speed games work on information processing and spatial orientation.

2. Memory

Memory is, of course, all about improving memory. Special categories include spatial recall and face-name recall.

3. Attention

How much are you really paying attention? Are you able to complete tasks when your attention is divided?

4. Flexibility

Flexibility games work on task switching and response inhibition.

5. Problem Solving

Being able to solve problems is a critical part of brain power.

Additionally, Lumosity offers games in Language and Math.

What Does a Lumosity Membership Cost?

What Does a Lumosity Membership Cost

Lumosity offers a Basic (Free) Membership so you can try before you buy.

This is actually a great deal, as other brain training apps and programs don’t offer as much as Lumosity does.

With the free membership, you get to play three different games each day. You can play those games as often as you want during the day. On the next day, the games will switch, and you will have new games to play.

The games are rotated so you can sample a variety of different game types and improve various types of cognitive functions.

The premium membership offers five-game workouts each day as well as the option to play any of the more than 50 games they now have available. You will also get workout recommendations, personalized insights, and tracking tools.

As of this writing, the premium monthly membership costs $11.95/month, and a family plan costs $17.95/month, which can be shared with five people. Yearly and two-year deals are available, which can bring the monthly fee down to approximately $3/month with a promotion. A lifetime membership is also available for individuals.

How to Get Started with Lumosity

How to Get Started with Lumosity

To get started with Lumosity, you will need to set up a free account.

You first must take their Fit Test to see how you score compared to people your age. This will also set a baseline for the recommendations if you choose the premium plan.

The Fit Test utilizes three games from Lumosity’s roster:

1. Color Match

This is designed to exercise “response inhibition.”

What exactly does this mean?

Are you able to “suppress inappropriate responses” that might detract from an action directed towards a goal?

This game may be the most challenging of the three. You see a word on the left, and then another word on the right. All of the words are colors. The word on the right will also have a color, but it might be different from the actual color spelled out by the text. You need to look at the word on the left and see if it matches the color (not the word) on the right.

Example: The word on the left is blue, and the word on the right says blue but has the color yellow. That would not be a match.

2. Train of Thought

Train of Thought measures your ability to handle tasks when your attention is divided. Trains will appear, and you must direct them to their proper station using switches on the tracks. The trains will start coming on faster as the game progresses.

Note: Get a good look at the game board first to make sure you understand exactly where the trains are supposed to go.

3. Memory Matrix

Memory Matrix tests your spatial recall. You will see a brown box divided up into cubes. Some of those cubes will be blue. You need to remember the location of the blue cubes and replicate it after seeing the initial pattern.

These patterns show up very quickly and become more complex as the game goes on.

Lumosity Review Verdict: Thumbs Up

After much research to carefully give you a comprehensive Lumosity review by trying out the Fit Test and sampling the initial games, this platform provided enough mental challenge as well as potential for enjoyment.

While some of the Fit Test games were more fun than others (Train of Thought was the most game-like), many of the other available games offer a variety of fun and challenge. With a free membership, you can’t go wrong trying the games they offer daily. Enjoy!

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