If you are a parent looking to help your child improve his or her academic performance, try Lumos Learning. Lumos Learning is an organization that develops classroom learning tools, both print and online, for K-12 students.

With the increasing amount of competition in schools today, along with more and more reliance on standardized tests for younger students, your children need to do more than just the minimum to succeed.  

If you want your children to be put in the best position to attend the college of their choice, you have to start early. You can’t just let them show up at school and go through the motions. You will need to help them at home with supplemental materials and homework to truly prepare them.

Lumos Learning can help you do this as a parent.

The Lumos Learning mission:

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We are focusing on developing learning platforms for students to succeed in the new technological age. Our mission is to provide students, teachers and parents with high quality content and collaborative learning platforms by leveraging innovations in digital and print media.

Lumos Learning is staffed by experienced teachers who understand how to explain concepts to children. They also have a board of advisors of teaching veterans and experts.

Lumos Learning Resources for Parents

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Lumos Learning offers many helpful resources for parents who want to help their children succeed in school. If you want your child do better on standardized tests, then Lumos Learning has numerous teacher-created printed and online resources to support test preparation. A variety of workbooks are available covering Math and English, and some are specifically designed to handle Common Core.

1. Lumos Learning Printed Practice Resources for Parents

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Even though the future is electronic, sometimes it is nice to work things out on paper. All Lumos Learning printed tedBook™s include access to online workbooks. Help your child prepare for tests like the PARCC 2017-18. Math and English Language Arts editions are available, and most include multiple summative assessments.

  • Lumos tedBook™ – PARCC Edition
  • Lumos tedBook™ – SBAC Edition
  • Lumos tedBook™ – ACT Aspire Edition
  • Lumos tedBook™ – LEAP Edition
  • Lumos tedBook™ – FSA Edition
  • Lumos tedBook™ – OST Edition
  • Lumos tedBook™ – MAP MO Edition
  • Lumos tedBook™ – GMAS Edition
  • Lumos tedBook™ – MAP-MS Edition
  • Lumos tedBook™ – ISTEP+ Edition
  • Lumos tedBook™ – CCP Edition

2. Lumos Learning Online Practice Resources for Parents

Lumos Learning Online Practice Resources for Parents

Lumos Learning’s online “StepUp” programs are available for kids in grades 3 to 8. These online resources are designed to help children in school year-round as well as on standardized tests. They include a student portal, parent portal, and individualized homework assistance through a StepUp Coach, a teacher who will help with homework.

These programs are available for the following:

  • Lumos StepUp™ – PARCC
  • Lumos StepUp™ – SBAC
  • Lumos StepUp™ – ACT Aspire
  • Lumos StepUp™ – LEAP
  • Lumos StepUp™ – FSA
  • Lumos StepUp™ – OST
  • Lumos StepUp™ – MAP MO
  • Lumos StepUp™ – GMAS
  • Lumos StepUp™ – MAP-MS
  • Lumos StepUp™ – ISTEP+

3. Workbooks to Promote Common Core Standards Mastery

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Many parents dislike Common Core or have major concerns about it. That said, you still need to prepare your child and if Common Core is what is being used at their school, you and your child must understand it.

Lumos Learning offers a variety of printed workbooks to help with Common Core mastery. They include free access to the online workbooks as well.

Common Core workbooks are available for grades 3 through 8 for both English Language Arts and Math.

4. Write Better Stories and Essays Tool Kit for Young Writers

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Writing is an important skill for any child. In fact, with the proliferation of social media and email communication, writing skills may be more important than ever before. Two Write Better workbooks are available, one for grades 3 through 5 and the other for grades 6 through 8.

The Tool Kit is aligned with the controversial Common Core standards. It includes many different ideas and concrete tips on how to improve writing skills. Other student essays and stories are analyzed for grammar, flow, and organization. Common mistakes in writing are explored and deconstructed.

The authors are George Smith, a children’s book author and publisher, and Marisa Adams, a leader in education who has been recognized three times in the publication “Who’s Who in Educational Leadership.”

Lumos Learning: A Great Resource for Parents

If you want to help your child get ahead, then consider using some of the many resources from Lumos Learning. Many of these workbooks and online programs are affordable. They cover a variety of standardized tests and also teach skills to children, so they can do better in the classroom. With the amount of competition young kids face today in school, you can’t afford not to explore these great learning materials.

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