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With 50 million people suffering from dementia in the US alone, brain health is becoming more and more of a concern. It is a valuable and vital resource for a healthy and happy life. Luckily, we can heal and prevent disastrous damage to our brain health with a very special herbal remedy called ginkgo biloba tea or gingko biloba extract.

What Is Ginkgo Biloba Tea?

Ginkgo biloba tea is one of the most sought after herbal remedies for brain health. More than $250 million is spent yearly on ginkgoo, establishing the herbal remedy as the highest-earning herb for memory.

Ginkgo biloba tea is derived from the leaves of the ginkgo biloba tree (Salisburia
adiantifolia), which is known to be native to China. The story goes that they were thought to be extinct until small pockets of them were found growing, thanks to some Monks that kept them alive. The Chinese have actually been using ginkgo as a medicine for over a thousand years. It has been an ancient healer and continues to prolong its legacy through modern times.

Ginkgo gained a lot of popularity in France and Germany, becoming a huge element in their approach to mental medicine. In one year alone, German doctors wrote out a total of 5.24 million prescriptions for ginkgo leaf extract. It’s great to see such a natural approach to medicine being treated so seriously.

Ginkgo is an incredible aid to the body. If people took the super foods movement and turned it into a movement of super teas, ginkgo would surely be in a top-ranked position on the list. Although ginkgo has gotten its respect and notoriety from its ability to enhance our cognitive functions, it provides a cascade of other benefits throughout the body.

We will dive deeper into the details of what benefits ginkgo biloba tea provides in a bit, but first, it’s important to understand the story of the actual tree producing these leaves, which is treasured and revered worldwide.

The Ginkgo Tree

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One of the most magical aspects of ginkgo biloba is the fact that it comes from the oldest living tree on the whole planet! More than just being the longest living tree that we know of nowadays, it has been found within fossils from 270 million years ago. It is a prehistoric plant, having been around with the dinosaurs as they roamed freely.

How it has survived all this time (well past every other member of its agricultural family line “Ginkgoaceae”) is through the astonishing and exciting genetic evolutions that enable this tree to be resistant to insects, disease, and even air pollution.

There were a number of ginkgo trees planted that are now living in the Hiroshima area of Japan which suffered the nuclear explosions of WWII. Remarkably, they survived the tragedy of radioactive exposure almost all the other life in the region suffered an early death from. They still stand, leaves out, growing today.

They are incredibly resilient plants that have self-preservation powers that nothing else on earth, to our knowledge, can compete with. They typically live to be about 1,000 years old and can grow up to 120 feet tall. Some living specimens of the ginkgo biloba tree are reported to be 2,500 years old.

What Are Its Health Benefits?

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Increased Blood Flow and Circulation within the Brain

Ginkgo biloba tea and ginkgo biloba extract have the primary function of enhancing the blood flow within the brain. Ginkgo dilates the blood vessels in the body and nourishes them, so they reach optimal health, which in turn lends its hand in creating greater efficiency throughout the body and brain. This boost in blood flow, along with other things, help the brain open up and the ability to use memory improves.

Overall Brain Health

Ginkgo has also been proven to increase the energy production of brain cells, such as neurotransmitter activity, within the brain. Neurotransmitters are the neurons’ way of communicating with one another. So ginkgo enhances the operation and communication of the cell system within the brain. It has also been found to help coat and protect the neurons.

Ginkgo biloba tea has an abundance of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents which work to remove the damaging free radicals in your brain and lend to an overall safe environment for the brain.

This incredible tea and extract can affect blood by more than just increasing its flow, but also by decreasing your blood viscosity (the stickiness and thickness of blood cells). This natural herbal remedy seems magical, which is probably why it is highly regarded in the field of medicine, herbal healing, and ancient traditions.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Treatment

Ginkgo has been found to protect against the accumulation of aluminum within the brain; aluminum has been associated with causing Alzheimer’s. Beyond preventing the build-up of aluminum in the brain, the overall contribution that ginkgo biloba tea or extract can give us enables those with Alzheimer’s and dementia to function on a more normal level. Its strong influence on brain efficiency combats the negative drawbacks of these severe diseases plaguing over 50 million Americans alone.

Natural ADHD Remedy

On top of preventing and aiding in those serious matters of brain degeneration and deterioration of the older generations, it also helps the hyperactivity of the youth. Ginkgo biloba tea or extract makes for an excellent ADHD treatment. The long term effects of giving our kids ADHD medications, such as Adderall, are devastating to their wellbeing and to their sanity in the long run.

The medication becomes addicting, and our kids grow a dependency to them. They lead to severe mood swings that may become increasingly hostile. People on ADHD medication have also been noted to have difficulty with sleeping at night, low motivation levels, fatigue, depression, and even suicidal thoughts when they are deprived of their medication.

Thankfully, we can all sidestep the dark path and body damaging choice of taking ADHD medications because of the wonderful power of ginkgo biloba tea or extract.

Increased Libido

Thanks to the incredible blood flow that ginkgo provides, you are likely to see increases in libido and performance in the bedroom, too. In fact, ginkgo biloba tea and extract are often recommended to those suffering from the sexual dysfunction side effects of anti-depression medication such as Prozac.

Lowers Cortisol Levels

Everybody in modern society is stressed. There are deadlines to meet with all types of obstacles such as traffic, family members, financial obligations, and personal fulfillment getting in between. On top of those personal levels of stress, because everybody is stressed, there is aggression and rude behavior polluting through the streets of almost every major city. We get bumped into, honked at, judged, or yelled at by different strangers, and it gets our primal fight-or-flight modes pumping. That fight-or-flight mode depends on an essential hormone called cortisol.

Too much cortisol pouring through us and we begin to see seriously damaging consequences. Some changes are weight gain, high blood pressure, mood swings, muscle weakness, fatigue, and skin disruptions. Our relationships are damaged from these side effects as well.

Luckily, ginkgo biloba tea and extract harness the miraculous gifts of lowering cortisol levels within the body. So not only will you benefit from mental clarity and sharpness with ginkgo, but you will also experience the optimal sensation of being less stressed.

Are There Any Health Risks?

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Ginkgo is a rather powerful herb, as you can now see. People have exclaimed a wide variety of complaints, but it is largely considered safe to consume at low doses, such as 240mg a day. Doctors in Europe prescribe ginkgo extracts to their patients directly and over the counter. Those European prescriptions are typically for adults who are suffering from cases of dementia.

Ginkgo will react adversely with some prescribed medications, especially those that work to thin out the blood, so if you are taking anything, it is important to consult your healthcare provider before trying ginkgo. Some people have reported internal bleeding because of Ginkgo, but these are rare cases and likely caused by mixing blood-thinning medications with the intake of ginkgo biloba tea or extract.


Healing ourselves with herbs is a wondrous and natural ritual that has taken place for thousands and thousands of years. Before there was science, there was herbalism. And we have all made it this far. Ginkgo is a top rated herb, as you can see, which is capable of some of the most incredible benefits. It seriously holds the power to instantly begin shifting our lives.

There are a large number of dangers and ailments out there that pose a serious threat to our brain health and cognitive function. But using ginkgo can make nearly incomparable differences in safeguarding us from those threats.

It comes from one of the most remarkable trees we have yet to discover, surviving over 200 million years of earth’s evolution and transformations. See for yourself. Try some ginkgo biloba tea and let us know how you feel about this legendary herbal remedy for the brain and beyond.

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