With every breakthrough in technology, the pool of users as a whole profits. Not only do users have access to a new tool, they have a greater capacity to learn from it.

Some improvements have a cumulative effect. That is to say, new developments means a greater pool of available options. For example, the cumulative benefit of producing more computers would be that more people could access them.

The exponential benefits deal with the benefits these devices provide. With such a powerful device to help them meet their needs, owners of the new computers could use resources more efficiently, make better decisions, and increase the pace at which they make new advances.

Exponentialism is a process that goes hand-in-hand with the development of artificial intelligence. As machines become smarter, the services they provide will become augmented and enhanced. This will make future discoveries easier to reach, serving as a catalyst for technology progress in the coming generations.

Technology Changes Life and Learning 

Exponentialism and technology progress

Breakthroughs in technology have been peppered throughout history. The automobile outpacing the carriage, the industrial revolution, and most recently the digital age have all raised standards of living and taken humanity to new heights.

With greater capabilities to travel, communicate, and learn, humans have been able to obtain new advances more easily. Every new technology adds some value to the lives of users. In addition, many of these technologies enhance the pursuit of new discoveries.

What are the hindrances to new technological discoveries? Everything from a lack of financial backing to mixed public opinion can lead to a promising breakthrough being hindered, at least temporarily. However, a lack of technology can also contribute to sluggish pace.

Programs, machines, interfaces, and electronic devices all help people learn and understand. They help them accomplish tasks, reach results, and even make decisions. As machines gain this valuable ability themselves, every advancement will offer multiplicative (or exponential) benefits.

The Missing Link in the Tech World?

Picture a physician, examining patient records and analyzing the results. Doing this alone could take hours, even days depending on the amount of information to consider. Reaching a conclusion means weighing all the data equally, which can be hard when there is so much to go over.

Fatigue may also play a role, making it hard for the worker to get the optimal result. While the high volumes of data may be stored on massive drives and the quick access may come thanks to business-level internet, the burden is still on the human worker to complete the task.

Machines that can fulfill this role of weighing options and choosing an appropriate course of action could help lessen the load on overworked individuals like the physician in this example. Even industries that had dangerous jobs, or jobs that needed filling quickly could turn to AI to bridge the gap.

To take the example further, imagine the physician is able to get the results they’re looking for. They’re now able to do it so often that patterns are easier to spot in the results. Interestingly enough, some of the most promising AI projects currently in development are designed to detect patterns. The fast-paced nature of machine learning means it’s presence automatically accelerates and optimizes any task given the right circumstances.

Common Misunderstandings About Exponentialism

Some people who fail to see the full potential of AI dismiss these exponential benefits as nothing more than empty promises. Some cite evidence for this like the lower rate of modern tech patents.

This is a poor metric to use, however, as many older techs have fallen by the wayside. New techs may be less plentiful, but they have a large scope of influence due to the things that have been learned over the years. In this way, tech advances can lead to exponential benefits even if traditional business data doesn’t necessarily reflect it.

The same can be said of economic data. When comparing the effects of new technology on GDP, one must also account for things like inflation, growing debts, unfunded liabilities, and other financial factors. Though the economic landscape may have an impact on the bottom lines of tech companies, the effects of their advances are very apparent.

What are these effects? It can be anything from the leap forward in driverless vehicles to the potential for programs that double as personal assistants. The exponential developments in technology have each made a big impact, but AI will be the biggest game-changer yet.

The Deeper Connection Between AI and Exponentialism

Exponentialism and artificial intelligence
The mobile device made it easier to take technology anywhere. Improved wireless connectivity raised quality standards for users around the world. Better hardware, improved software, and advances throughout the tech industry serve the greater good.

What exactly is that greater good? The cumulative understanding of technology means results are achieved faster. Companies and leaders that combine their efforts can gain exponential benefits. When computers begin to function more like conscious thinkers, they’ll be able to drive progress in the same manner.

This multiplicative gain represents technology’s ability to contribute to its own evolution and advancement. Since humans do this as well, it could be argued that this also represents technology showing even more human-like traits.

Exponential growth in the tech industry will see functional advancements roll out quicker, but it will also see technology come to serve humans in ways never thought of before.

Why the Future of Technology is Hard to Predict

One of the reasons it’s hard to predict the future of technology is because every new development changes the playing field to some degree. For the person who had never heard of wireless connectivity, the concept of a mobile device would seem odd. As new breakthroughs happen, the scope of possibilities expands.

This can make new technologies a bit hard to comprehend, but it also means that mastering them has long-term benefits. Exponentialism is a phenomenon that AI will usher into the world of tech, changing many industries and areas of life forever.

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