Technology is a broad term, but it’s most often used today to describe the influx of conveniences and amenities brought on by the digital revolution.

Designed to make things faster, more efficient, and more accessible, tech breakthroughs have changed “life as normal” for most of the planet over the past several decades.

With the way the world communicates, trades, and learns being radically altered by technology, the industry is one that offers great risks with rewards to match. The impact it’s had on business and society has led some highly successful people to double-down and shift their focus almost entirely to the tech industry.

This is the case with people like Caroline Gabriel, a high-ranking publishing and research specialist at a major Dutch conglomerate, to dedicate her focus toward accelerating the already fervent pace of technology.

How Common Has Technology Become?

Technology is the type of field that draws great minds like Caroline Gabriel due to its widespread influence. At her former position, she was already working with cutting-edge technologies. More than using them, she was explaining their use to others.

Technology that has great potential also comes with a number of potential liabilities. With a greater dependence on technology comes more vulnerabilities, more uncertainties, and thus more delays in the progressions of some popular developments.

Misunderstandings and fears about technology are nothing new. Science-fiction stories have long been full of techs that outgrew their controllers, and these stories seemed to serve as a somber warning for future generations.

As the masses come to understand technology, they fear it less. More knowledge means the ability to separate fact from fiction, and to pursue promising techs without worry. By investing their time and resources into technology, great minds Gabriel are investing in the future of technology.

A Selfless Choice to Further an Industry

She wasn’t someone who had to pursue the budding technology industry in order to be successful. While many people consider the tech industry due to its potential for job security and high earnings, Gabriel had a preexisting expertise and a successful career prior to shifting her focus.

After working at VNU, a Dutch conglomerate, she had seen the top levels of her industry. Providing publishing and research services as the European Editorial Director in 2002, she’d been working to raise awareness about technology for years. Given her reach at such a high level, she had to have the knowledge to match.

Gabriel’s expertise had come from conducing huge research projects for big companies in the tech sector, such as Intel. Her talents even saw her lend similar services to The European Commission. In 2002, she helped create Rethink Technology Research. The group offers consulting, reporting, and consistent information to help companies and organizations make better decisions regarding technology.

There’s also a tie in to her field of study at Oxford and her focus on technology. Contrary to what her career path may suggest, her degree is in history. However, as the old adage says about students of history, Gabriel and the organization she works with aim to make sure people don’t repeat mistakes with technology.

Why Tech Initiatives Are Important

Whether it’s Microsoft setting up research funds, Google releasing free technology tools, or Rethink Technology Research offering tech advising, these concentrated efforts are vital to continued growth.

The pace that technology is moving means there is little room for error. While bad decisions regarding technology are sometimes unavoidable, studying the history of technology helps provide guidance for future decisions.

Businesses and government agencies focus on tech because of the potential it has to improve their daily operations and reduce expenses. Gabriel’s immense experience working in both settings has helped her see areas where technology could be used more efficiently.

Watching the industry is important. But more so than simply seeing what tech decisions are made, it is important to understand why they are made. For example, more companies are using artificial intelligence than ever before. But how does the tech perform in specific applications? Does it have many uses? How easy is it to implement?

Big partnerships involving major companies and great minds give technology the support it needs to grow. Not only do such efforts provide the financial backing for new developments, but they offer the educational resources customers need to feel comfortable.

Why Caroline Gabriel’s Area of Expertise Mattered 

Caroline Gabriel and Internet of Things

Gabriel’s focus at Rethink Technology Research largely deals with wireless connectivity. An important sub-topic under the tech umbrella, wireless networking is like one piece in a large puzzle. Whether it’s better connections, improved operating systems, or even highly advanced concepts like cognitive computing, technology sees a lot of overlap and interdependence.

The combined efforts of those in the tech industry serve the field as a whole. People are seeing the value now more than ever in coming together to make high-end technologies more mainstream. There are plenty of roadblocks in the way, such as a general lack of tech understanding in some areas and some lingering fears about making the jump to more advanced developments.

A Future with Much to Gain

Caroline Gabriel and others who have dedicated their time and energy to technology see the bigger picture. Beyond the headaches regarding tech misunderstandings and the apprehension new developments can bring lies something more.

With every new tech development that is implemented properly, individuals are able to solve problems and accomplish goals. It could be a humanitarian cause, such as using improved networking to help those in developing nations. It could be a commercial cause, such as increasing production of a good or service.

Technology is so appealing because it can help augment human creativity and make life easier. With wise individuals taking the lead and blazing a trail, getting on board with the tech revolution has never been easier.

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