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We’ve all seen articles and news reports about brain function. Concussions in sports, CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s have thrust brain health and proper function to the forefront of public awareness.  We have made it our goal to give you the best information on brain health and how you can begin taking care of your mind right now.  We will explore in-depth, nutritional effects on the brain as well as what superfoods you can choose for optimal brain health. Health supplements are a $122 Billion dollar worldwide industry and it is projected to grow to $230 billion by 2024. Nootropics are supplements specifically engineered to aid in brain function, and they will be a major factor in driving growth. Do they work? If so which ones work the best? It’s our commitment to you to give you the most unbiased info on the products we test. Check out the site often, we will have the latest in Artificial Intelligence as well, so when computers do take over the earth you’ll know exactly how to handle them. Enjoy and keep that mind working.

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