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Countless people across the world struggle with controlling their negative thoughts and emotions. These thoughts trap individuals in patterns of toxic thinking and unhappy lives. While therapy is a helpful solution for many, a great percentage of people who need this type of assistance do not seek professional help. This is where programs like the 21 Day Brain Detox Program become so worthwhile. Whether this avoidance is due to the social stigma associated with seeking therapy or the monetary investment it requires, the fact remains that people often do not end up getting the help they need. 21 Day Brain Detox, created by Dr. Caroline Leaf, provides meaningful and affordable relief for those who struggle with their own toxic thoughts. This article discusses Dr. Caroline’s program’s various specifications, reviewing it against other comparable self-improvement programs.

What Is the 21 Day Brain Detox Program?

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Program Specs 

The 21 Day Brain Detox is an online program through which Dr. Caroline Leaf coaches users to a better mental state over the course of three weeks. Each day, users take seven to ten minutes to allow Dr. Leaf to guide them to be more intentional and positive thinkers. The 21 Day Brain Detox helps users learn how to control negative stress, reduce bad habits, overcome depression and anxiety, and replace toxic thoughts.

Over 21 days, Dr. Leaf uses her five step “Switch On Your Brain” method, with the overall goal of the program being to help users take control of their lives by helping them take control of their minds. The theory behind Dr. Leaf’s program is that controlling your thoughts ultimately helps you control the direction of your life as a whole. The 21 Day Brain Detox is conveniently accessible online through various platforms, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop ,or desktop.

About Dr. Leaf


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Dr. Caroline Leaf, the creator of the 21 Day Brain Detox, has an impressive resume of education and experience. The cognitive neuroscientist earned her Bachelor’s degree in Audiology and Logopedics before going on to earn her PhD in Communication Pathology. Dr. Leaf has spent over two decades gaining clinical and hands-on experience. Over the course of her career, she has developed her own time-tested improvement methods and techniques. Dr. Leaf is published in various journals, magazines, and newspapers and currently speaks about her work at conferences across the country.


Dr. Leaf’s 21 Day Brain Detox program can be purchased for around $30. Of the other programs we reviewed one is less expensive, one comparable, and another far more expensive at close to $600. Yet all are cheaper than traditional in-office therapy.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare to Dr. Leaf’s 21 Brain Detox program.

  • Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
  • Lifehack Ultimate Transformation
  • My Life Changes

Ease of Use

This convenient program can be accessed online through your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. With availability on so many platforms, the program is incredibly convenient and suited for the modern person’s schedule. The 21 Day Brain Detox comes in the form of videos and text, all carefully crafted by Dr. Leaf. The program can be accessed any time or place with internet access, and it can also be downloaded for offline use.

Time Required

The 21 Day Brain Detox offers three weeks of targeted lectures. The program includes twenty-one sessions providing for twenty-one days of targeted coaching. Each day requires a short seven to ten minutes of guidance from Dr. Leaf.

Program Quality

This is a high quality program, carefully crafted by one of the best in her field. Dr. Leaf developed this program after years of helping people in a therapy setting, and her methods have been well tested. Thousands of people can confirm that the 21 Day Brain Detox is a helpful and worthwhile program.

Brian Tracy’s program, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, consists of an hour-long lecture that is ultimately meant to better the listener’s life. Mr. Tracy has produced a variety of self improvement resources, with topics including sales and business training, public speaking, writing, public speaking, time management, and personal improvement.

Tracy has traveled across the world as a keynote speaker and seminar leader and has published several books detailing his work. Mr. Tracy’s program is intended to help listeners increase their self confidence, improve their relationships, raise their income, achieve more of their goals, and become happier overall. The program is said to help you accomplish all of these things by changing the way you think. Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life is accessible via CD or downloadable MP3.

Ease of Use

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life is an easy-to-use program, consisting of one sixty minute lecture. The program can be listened to at the gym, on a road trip, or during your daily commute. Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life comes in CD or MP3 form, so there is no need for internet access.

Time Required

This program consists of an hour-long lecture, as opposed to several short recordings over a longer time period. However, the easily accessible program can be broken up into several periods of listening.

Program Quality

While this program has several great reviews, any program that is said to make as many improvements as Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life should be taken with a grain of salt. In addition, it is unclear whether the program creator has formal training in the field of psychology. Mr. Tracy has a rich background in economics and business, but his website does not indicate an educational background in therapy or counseling.


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Lifehack Ultimate Transformation is a highly lauded master class produced by Lifehack Academy. This program is made for individuals who feel stuck in their current place in life. Lifehack Ultimate Transformation is meant to help users develop a mindset and concrete strategy that will help them tackle obstacles and achieve goals.

This program consists of seven different modules, including thirty-five video lessons, worksheets for every lesson, and a lifetime of unlimited access to the course. The program consists of seven week-long modules that cover distinct topics. These topics include The Digital Brain, Motivation that Works, Deep Focus, Habits that Stick, Time Merchant, Learning Genius, and Going Creative.

The full price of the program can be paid in three installments of or a one time payment. Lifehack has worked for over ten years to put together this self improvement program. The program has been praised by self help specialists and psychology professionals alike. Lifehack was created by the company’s CEO, Leon Ho. The Lifehack website is a very popular lifestyle resource that discusses productivity and health and reaches an audience of over five million. The Lifehack masterclass was put together by Mr. Ho and is lead by Simon Lee and Samantha Aloysius. Mr. Lee is the class’s primary coach, while Ms. Aloysius brings her professional experience with psychology and counseling.

Ease of Use

The Lifehack master class is well suited for our technology-savvy era, as the program is accessible via smartphone, tablet, or desktop. All exercises and materials can also be downloaded and printed. Purchasing the Lifehack Ultimate Transformation guarantees the buyer lifetime access to the program.

Time Required

The in depth master class comes with seven weeks worth of modules along with recaps and interactive exercises. While it does contain seven weeks worth of work, the program can be worked through at the user’s leisure. With a full time work or school schedule or children, working through this program in its entirety can take much longer than seven weeks. This may be a benefit for those looking for an in depth program, or a disadvantage for those who do not have time to work through it all.

Program Quality

Lifehack Ultimate Transformation is highly praised by its users and there is currently a waitlist in order to enroll in the master class. Lifehack is so confident in its product that it offers a thirty day money back guarantee. The full price of the program can be completely refunded within thirty days of purchase.

My Life Changes is a self guided tracker that helps users achieve their goals. The My Life Changes method consists of three major steps: Who am I, My Core Values, and My Life Choices. Who am I allows you to choose from pre-set personal statements or write in statements that describe who you are. Next, you choose up to five core values out of four different categories: body, mind, relationships, and money. Once the first two steps are completed, you can fill out My Life Choices.

The user is tasked with adding the different life choices they want to make along with different due dates for each choice. The user is also able to mark each choice with a green, yellow, or red marker that indicates if the goal is accomplished, close to accomplished, or not accomplished. The My Life Changes tracker comes in a free and deluxe version.

The free version comes with the goal-setting function, 300 pre-written values and goals to choose from, the color coded goal tracker, and pre-written who I am statements. The deluxe version adds reminders for each goal, a private journaling section, an archiving function, a motivational timeline that tracks your goals, allows you advertisement free use, and gives you two bonus e-books.

Ease of Use

The My Life Changes method differs from the other programs discussed in the article in that it is almost entirely self-led. While the program provides some pre-written material, making use of My Life Changes depends on the users to make thoughtful decisions about their own lives and keep up with the tracker. That said, the program itself is user friendly and generally easy to use.

Time Required

As previously mentioned, the My Life Method differs in format from the other programs it is compared to in this article. The program can be used for as long or as short as the user can keep up with it. This can be a good or bad thing depending on how committed the user is to using the My Life Changes method.

Program Quality

This program is as helpful as the user wants it to be. This is truly a “you get out of it what you put into it” type of method. Unlike the other programs, it does not feature a professional lecturing and guiding you through lessons or providing you with targeted coaching. Instead, the My Life Changes program allows the users the space to make and meet their goals at their own pace. As such, the quality of the program can vary depending on the user’s learning preference.

What Is the 21 Day Brain Detox Program?

We give Dr. Leaf’s 21 Day Brain Detox Program five stars! The specialized program is a great combination of low maintenance, high quality, and affordability. The program requires a short seven to ten minutes of the user’s day. This can easily be knocked out first thing in the morning, on your daily commute, or during your lunch break.

This high-quality program has been put together by a true master in her field. Dr. Caroline Leaf has compiled an incredible educational background along with years of experience in clinical and therapy experience. Her methods have been tested and proven by real people, and her program has been lauded by thousands of users.

What really sets the 21 Day Brain Detox program apart from other self-improvement programs is that it is deeply rooted in the scientific work she has dedicated her career to. Like any self-help program, Dr. Leaf’s 21 Day Brain Detox requires diligent effort and investment on the part of the user. We are confident, however, that if you are willing to put in the work, you will get something out of Dr. Leaf’s program.

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