Everyone’s mind starts to deteriorate as they age.

For some, this could simply mean forgetting where they put their car keys. But for others, this could mean dementia or other age-related brain conditions.

Along with general brain degradation, social media and constant internet access through hand-held devices can zap our attention spans and chip away at our ability to focus.

We all want to stay sharp – no matter our age.

These are some of the best brain training apps to keep your mind in top-shape.

10 best brain training apps

What makes a brain “healthy?” It’s important to take a well-rounded approach to brain health by addressing focus, memory, cognitive ability, problem solving, language and math.

Don’t forget emotional wellbeing. Stress and negative emotions can also have an adverse effect on mental capability.

These apps offer comprehensive solutions for improving nearly all aspects of brain health.


Peak has a sleek interface and provides over 30 games for attention, language, mental agility, and much more. You can even customize your brain workouts to improve weaknesses – just like physical workouts.

Available on Android and iOS. Free with in-app purchases.


Elevate offers another 30 mini-games to improve comprehension, memory, focus, and math. Notifications will alert you when it’s time for a brain training session.

Available on Android and iOS. Free with in-app purchases.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

This app was designed by neurologists to improve cognitive abilities such as memory and concentration. CogniFit adapts to your personal brain health and gives you the ability to track your fitness overtime so you can see strengths and weaknesses. You can also play competitive brain games with friends.

Available on iOS. First four games free.


One of the most popular brain training apps, Lumosity structures games based on your goals and you play against the clock.

Available on iOS. Free for limited access.


We all struggle with negative thoughts and stress. Now, there’s an app for that. Happify helps your brain build skills such as empathy, gratitude, and overall positive psychology.

Available on iOS. Free.

Brain Trainer Special

Brain Trainer Special is a lot like Lumosity: it focuses on sequences, memory, and math problems with varying levels of difficulty.

Available through Google Play. Free.

Fit Brains Trainer

Just like your biceps and abs, your brain needs variety. Don’t expect to do the same workout each day and achieve the results you want. Fit Brains Trainer has over 35 games to keep your mind and emotional intelligence in top shape.

Available on Android and iOS. Free with in-app purchases.

Brain Fitness Pro

This brain training app focuses on improving memory. Did you know that improving your memory can also increase your focus and problem solving skills? In the long term, a good memory can also improve cognitive skills and attention.

Available on iOS. $4.


This app helps you memorize important numbers or phrases by utilizing a technique called spaced repetition. Most brain training apps offer random numbers and sequences, but Eidetic uses information that’s customized to you like your family’s phone numbers.

Available on iOS. Free.


If you’re a video game addict, this is the brain training app for you. It offers games almost in a story sequence to improve logic, memory, and focus. Cognito can also sync with other health apps to track your data and progress.

Available on iOS. Free with in-app purchases.

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