Looking for Brainpower Boost App that helps you to upgrade your ability? Seeking to solve tasks and remember key pieces of information? Read on to learn more about the 6 best apps for your brain. Surely, this helps you to boost your cognitive abilities and achieve more in life. Best of all, you get more fun with these free brain games!

Brainpower Boost App 1: Elevate

Home Page Social Banner from the Elevate app showing motivation to stay sharp, build confidence, and boost productivity as a Brainpower Boost App

Photo of Elevate Social Banner Home Page used with the permission of Elevate

Elevate, one of the best Brainpower Boost App for your brain helps keep you sharp and boost your productivity.  We do this by creating personalized brain training exercises designed to give you an increased vocabulary. Also, this improves your listening ability, and help you to be a more confident speaker.

The Game

It offers over 40 games to choose from which you select different categories. Here, you hone your skills to build, including productivity, income, self-confidence, math, reading, writing, and more. Testimonials available on the app’s site include the stated benefits. Also, it helps individuals improve their cognitive performance across a variety of tasks.

What You Get

Elevate includes several benefits that help you to achieve superior brain power. These benefits include performance tracking, an auto-adjusting system. This aids you hand-tailor tasks to your brain level and compare your performance with others across the different skillsets.

The best part about Elevate’s system comes as the scientific support behind it. Read on to learn more about how Elevate can boost your brainpower with scientifically-studied benefits:

The Effectiveness of Elevate

The game’s effectiveness proves itself through a study conducted by Assistant Professor of Sociology at California State University Dana Nakano, Ph.D. He found that a control group and a group of Elevate users had significant differences according to post-app-training.

“Elevate users trained using our app during a four-week period. They improved 69% more than non-users, and the more they played Elevate, the better their results.” 

Overall, Elevate offers serious brain benefits as the Brainpower Boost App and makes definitely worth a try!

Brainpower Boost App 2: Lumosity

Home Page from the Lumosity App showing that today's session game is complete with results as a Brainpower Boost App

Image: CC by A-SA 2.0, Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta, via Flickr

A competitor to Elevate, Lumosity, offers over 50 cognitive games that help you train your brain. Plus, achieve greater performance gains than your peers when it comes to critical cognitive tasks.

Starting the game

To start, Lumosity measures your baseline performance with a Fit Test based on your performance across three games. You learn how you do from other same as your age. You begin the process of determining which games to play next.

Afterward, you’ll begin completing daily workouts to help you improve your skills across 5 important cognitive activities. These games automatically adapt to your brainpower level. It ensures your challenge and growth.

What You Get

Here you complete tests and work through the various training programs on Lumosity. Your ability to track your performance and derive insights from your scores comes possible. By doing so, you’ll identify the areas where you need improvement.

Lumosity’s games come from research derived from scientists who developed tests to measure cognition. The company’s scientists work closely with the game designers. This ensures your excitement for an interesting brain training experience. Here, it seems like going to the gym, but for your brain packed with a lot more fun!

The Effectiveness of Lumosity

As with Elevate, Lumosity conducted its own research studies to determine the efficacy of the program. They found something good for the 50% of study participants who conducted their training with Lumosity. Luckily, they improved more than the control group in a cognitive assessment.

While these results show promise, there comes the importance to call out for more research for this Brainpower Boost App. Ultimately, these determine the efficacy of Lumosity and other services like it.

Brainpower Boost App 3: Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software Game Categories Fun and free online Brainpower Boost App

Photo of Sheppard Game Categories used with the permission of Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software comes as a free website that offers brain training games that you run on your computer. This site exists not as a mobile app. But instead, this comes as a freeware website that you access straight from your web browser.

Game offerings

The site offers many different types of games but makes no promises about the scientific validity of completing these games. You get to find games across the following categories and genres:

  • Solitaire: Fast solitaire, free cell, gaps solitaire, golf solitaire, and spider solitaire.
  • Logic Games: Codebreaking games, puzzle games that require visual thinking, and classic puzzles like sudoku and tower of Hanoi.
  • Action Puzzle Games: These games include balloons, brick breaking (think of Tetris), and games that require you to drop items in the correct way to complete puzzles.
  • Music Games: These games combine music and visual cues to help you improve your cognitive performance with respect to audio stimuli.

More for you!

  • Word Games: You get to find games here such as hangman, word scramble, crossword puzzles, and more innovative takes on this classic genre.
  • Strategy Games: The strategy games available on the site include battleship and tower defense clones as well as Chinese checkers and connect four.
  • Puzzle Games: The puzzle games available on Sheppard Software include maze games, hide and seek, jigsaw puzzles you can play right from your browser, and more.
  • Memory Games: These games test your short-term memory and recall abilities.

You also find a variety of other Brainpower Boost App from many different genres, including math games and tower defense. These types of games improve your cognitive abilities remains up for debate, Certainly, you get a lot of fun in the process!

Brainpower Boost App 4: MindGames.com

MindGames.com Brainpower Boost App Sample Games like Math Equations, Mental Flex, and Algorithms

Photo of Math and Mental Sample Games used with the permission of MindGames.com

Another site that seems similar to Sheppard Software comes as we know as MindGames.com. This site offers several different brain training games across the following categories:

  • Brain Games: These games include the basic brain games you’ll find on these types of sites, like the ones you’ll encounter at Sheppard Software.
  • Math Games: The site includes math games as well as time management games that focus on simple arithmetic and other basic math processes.
  • Puzzle Games: Jigsaw puzzles and other visual puzzle formats come to life at MindGames.com with a more exciting visual interface.

More for you!

  • Word Games: The basic word games that you find elsewhere available here and help you to build a larger vocabulary while having fun.
  • Sudoku Puzzles: Everyone loves a numbers-based puzzle, Sudoku, makes an appearance here as well.
  • Memory Games: Memory games help you improve short-term and long-term memory with daily training.
  • Downloads: The site includes a downloads section that allows you to download apps like Brainversity 2 (for the PC) straight to your desktop.

Please note that this site also does not have any kind of scientific evidence to support its efficacy. You consider using MindGames.com in the same way that you enjoy any other kind of entertainment. But not for productive or academic purposes.

Brainpower Boost App 5: National Geographic

National Geographic Colorful Letters with Different Icons within the Game as a Brainpower Boost App from National Geographic Society

Photo of Colorful Brain Games Lettering used with the permission of National Geographic

National Geographic features an interesting selection of brain games on their site. This helps you to understand the frontier of the scientific research that investigates the brain and its functioning.

Available games

You find several types of brain games available on this microsite, including:

  • Empathy Games: This game measures your ability to determine what someone feels just by looking at their eyes. Skills like this helped humanity’s primitive ancestors to understand threats and to achieve societal cohesion. Here, the necessary aspect of building a civilization through cooperative efforts.
  • Emotional IQ Assessment: This test examines your ability to empathize with others and determine appropriate emotional responses to a variety of situations. After taking the test, you receive emotional intelligence score to compare with others.

More Complex Games

  • Memory Recall: This game presents you with a “house of horrors.” After the test, you recall key aspects of the scene. Next, this game helps you to understand the various problems associated with surviving in the wilderness as our ancestors once did.
  • The Stroop Effect: This presents you both color and number information in the same scene. Then, you begin to understand the power of the Stroop Effect and how it describes the key components of your brain.

Brainpower Boost App 6: NeuroNation

NeuroNation App Game Interface on Games about Perception as a Brainpower Boost App

Photo of App Game Interface used with the permission of NeuroNation

Last, but not least, is NeuroNation. This Brainpower Boost App helps you to train your brain with scientific methods to improve your cognition. Certainly, this develops an awareness of your innate abilities.

How it Affects You

Over time, the app tracks your working memory. As your working memory improves, you get to have the ability to process information more quickly. This happens while delivering gains in your cognitive performance.

Accordingly, a key aspect of the site includes its focus on social media. Thus, you possess the ability to compare your performance with peers. Further, you understand where you fall on a normal distribution of working memory abilities.

NeuroNation is run by a scientifically-focused team that includes tenured academic experts. They work together with the game developers to deliver remarkable cognitive experiences.

Ultimately, NeuroNation competes with Lumosity and Elevate as a competitor for the best apps for your brain. Determining which app works best for you acts on a case-by-case basis. Similarly, Brainpower Boost App depends on what you look to achieve with the platform. 

Other Ways for the Brainpower Boost App

As with other facets of your life, boosting your brainpower depends on a variety of factors. Also, you’ll want to make sure you receive adequate rest and nutrition, that you have fulfilling work that engages your mind, and complex situations that present you with novel ways of solving problems.

Notably, you may also want to consider attending a community college or taking classes online. Ultimately, this helps to improve your ability to solve complex problems in addition to playing games for the brain.


Featured Image: CC by 2.0, Brad Flickinger, via Flickr

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